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{Becoming a Place of Belonging for Others}

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“We really don’t fit in anywhere, do we?” I finally admitted it out loud to my husband. We never quite fit the mold provided for us by society. Looking back over the years we’ve been married, we have tended to run from the mold, which has made it difficult for us to feel as though we belong anywhere. 


Published: December 30, 2020

Series: Out of Place


{Choosing Brave in the Face of Rejection}

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"Instead of announcing who made the team, we're going to hand out envelopes as you leave today to let you know whether you made the team or not because only one of you didn't make it."


I rose from where I was seated with the other girls on the high school gym floor who tried out for the freshman softball team, feeling a knot in my stomach. I met eyes filled with pity as I reached for the threatening white envelope, and I knew I was the one who did not make the team.

Published: December 29, 2020

Series: God's Brave Women


{5 Ways I Found God in the Middle of Struggle}

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"When I think about gratitude, I can’t help but look back on the times I’ve struggled most in my life and how God has worked through people to teach me about his goodness, compassion, and grace. As I am able to process each struggle, I intentionally look for where God was in the midst of each moment and almost every time, I see his provision, comfort, care, compassion, goodness, and love revealed to me through those around me."

Published: February 14, 2021

Series: Begin Within: A Gratitude Series


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