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Where the Waiting, Molding, and Refining Happens

You know the saying:

“When God closes a door he opens a window?”

Well, I do not believe that this is always the case.

Sometimes doors are closed behind us and we find ourselves standing in the hallway between many doors, waiting for a sign as to which one to pick and wonder when it will swing open and welcome us in.

Life has morphed once again and now seems to be the time to sit in the silent hallway that has been waiting for me.

Sometimes our souls go through dry seasons...and maybe that is what is happening right now.

Silence used to scare me, but I won't shrink back this time, because I know my soul needs it.

So, I will sit in the stillness and allow it to wash over the weariness within me I have been neglecting.

I will take deep breaths, the ones that I feel going deep into my belly, and allow them to center me in these silent moments.

I will sit and wait in this hallway that I am in, for rather than wonder which door I should choose and wait for the door to be opened, I'm realizing that life isn’t all about open doors, but more about the hallways.

Where the waiting,

Molding and refining happen.

Where learning to trust,

The seeking, asking, reflecting, and discerning become second nature.

Where we realize God is also present in the midst of the hallway…

Slowing us down and reminding us of his boundless love for us.

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