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Things I Never Ever Thought I Would Ever Say

Kids and their bodies. That’s all I have to say. They are curious little ones, always wondering about how things work. Recently, I began making a list of things I have said to my children. Things I never in a million years imagined I would ever need to say to anyone. I’m becoming more and more convinced that God allows us to go through parenting not only to keep us humble and to grow us, but to remind us that we cannot do it without Him.

“Go back upstairs and pick up the booger you wiped on the carpet and throw it away.”

“Stop sticking your fingers in the light socket.”

“Bugs belong outside, not in the house. Don’t bring that bug in the house.”

“We use shoes to kill bugs, not the brush.”

“Where’s your diaper? Not this new one you used to pick up your brother’s poo, the original one he pooped in.

“Please keep your diaper on after you poop.”

“Don’t sit down! You’ll squish your poo!”

“Don’t try to dump your poo into the toilet from your diaper.”

“What is that all over you?!? Is that poo?!?”

(Why does it always have to be poo?!?)

“If you’re going to pee in the grass, please take off your clothes next time.”

“No, I am not going to open up your diaper again so you can see your poop. That’s disgusting!”

Oh Lord, help us to see ourselves in our children and know that we need You more than anything. Give us wisdom in how we raise our children and patience as we respond to their different behaviors. Give us a sense of humor as we try to raise our kids to know the difference between right and wrong. Help us survive and praise You in all circumstances!

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