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The Pause

This morning I was sitting in my kitchen reading my Bible and drinking coffee while the kids were watching Sponge Bob and getting ready for the day. It was a wonderful quiet least the moments where I wasn't interfering between the fighting, turning another Sponge Bob episode on, filling up another sippy cup with juice, getting the toddler off the table, turning on another computer game, getting the toddler off the table, taking my almost three-year-old to the bathroom, breaking up another argument, getting the toddler off the table, turning on a shower...yep, I'm sure either you've been there, or you can picture it very vividly!

As I began to get frustrated, I was reminded of how Jesus was with the children. He specifically told the disciples to let the children come to Him (Luke 18:6). There's just something about a child that is so innocent, so care-free, so's delightful and refreshing. In that moment, I realized how truly blessed I am.

May I always remember to pause and really soak in the blessings around me. They may seem irritable in the moment, but looking back, there's always a lesson to be learned. It's up to me to decide whether I'm going to take that moment to really hear what God has to teach me, or just let it pass by and miss an important lesson.

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