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The Gift of A Moment

This morning my husband and I woke up early so we could take a walk on the beach.

We went by our favorite local coffee shop and then began our stroll on the sand. As I looked out over the endless rolling waves, watching the surfers catch their perfect waves, I wondered, why I don't do this more often?

The overcast chili morning felt so refreshing after what has felt like endless summer days.

The bubbling of the sand as the wave water receded back into the ocean depths tickled our ears.

Our son, who came along for the baby chino he wanted's incessant chattering gave away his excitement to have the rare moment alone with his mom and dad.

As I gazed out over, where the sky met the ocean, I couldn't help but wonder at what a perfect morning it was and then ask myself over and over again, "why don't I do this more often?"

At one point I caught myself wondering this again when I felt the wonder of the moment. It was as though God was saying, "Have grace for yourself and enjoy this moment."

It was in that moment that I realized how quickly I can turn a special moment into regret.

It was in that moment I felt the gentle challenge to let go of all the should-haves and would-haves and be thankful for that moment.

Breathe in the brisk air.

Drink in the endless excited chatter.

Take in the beauty of now.

Be present right where I am.

Enjoy every aspect of what is going on around me.

Take note and remember this beautiful memory.

My friend, is there something you wish you could do more often? Do you find yourself beating yourself up over not doing it enough? Can you take this moment and remember the beauty of the time you did experience that something? Next time you find yourself in that place, can you let go of your should-haves and would-haves, have grace for yourself, and know that God is right there, in the midst of where you are, inviting you to be present to what He has to show you that very moment?

Lord, help me to remember Your invitation to have grace for myself. Help me to be present next time I find myself in a moment I wish I could experience more. Thank you for the invitation into the space You have set aside for me that is always open. Help me to pay attention and be present to those invitations. Thank you for Your grace when I'm too busy to notice. Amen.

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