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The Fun Category

I was talking to my sister yesterday and she asked me what I've been doing for fun these days. Thinking of stuff I have placed in my "fun" category such as going on an adventurous trip, going to a concert, or getting lost in a good book and coming up blank as to when the last time I have participated in one of those, I said I didn't know.

Then I asked her what she's been doing for fun these days and she began to tell me of little ways she is trying to incorporate "fun" into her life, like lighting a candle when she eats dinner alone or enjoying a nice hot cup of tea.

I never considered these seemingly little things as a part of my "fun" category, but as I heard her talk, I smiled. Oh what freedom to be able to include those tiny little practices into my "fun" category!

I started thinking of how I bought myself bubbles for a bubble bath and spent some time alone in my tub with a glass of wine the other day. Or the candles I buy to make the house smell nice. Or the cups of tea, relaxing on the couch, turning on the fire-place and feeling the warmth on my back, or looking up into the sky as the sun displays its last goodnight. I HAD been having a lot of fun!

Allowing these little, seemingly insignificant moments to expand my "fun" category brings me great joy! So, to answer her question, I have been having a LOT of fun lately!

What do you do for fun these days?

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