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The Bouquet

For Mother's Day this year, my 9-year-old went with our neighbors to get flowers for their mom. They ended up giving him one of the white roses with a purple tip around the edges so he could make a bouquet out of it for me. He proceeded to go throughout the neighborhood, finding purple and white flowers from peoples' yards to add to the bouquet.

I was told that he meticulously looked through my vases to find the perfect vase for the flowers. I don't know if he knew that it is one of my favorites. My grandma pulled it out of her china cabinet one day before she passed away and gave it to me. It is one of my last memories of her. I love that vase.

The look on his face when he gave me the bouquet was absolutely priceless. A memory I will forever hold dearly. I did not care that he technically stole flowers from other people's yards. He was excited. His desire to gift me something beautiful for Mother's Day filled my heart with pure joy. I put that bouquet on the mantle so I could see it every day and be reminded of his gift.

As I've been able to observe those flowers open up and then wilt, I'm reminded of how often God intricately weaves beauty in and out of the mundane and waits for us to take notice.

I'm reminded of His faithful and gentle presence in the ordinary.

I'm reminded of His deep love for His creation...and that includes me.

I'm reminded of the pure joy I bring Him.

I'm reminded of His desire to shower gifts of peace, joy, and grace upon His children.

Most of all, I'm reminded that His reminders are everywhere, just waiting for us to open our eyes and notice them.

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