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Slowing Down to Bask In The Beauty This Season Has to Offer

How can we slow down enough this season to bask in the beauty it has to offer?

From buying and wrapping gifts, getting ready for family and guests to arrive, planning holiday parties and Christmas pageants, the holiday season can be hectic. I get it, it's a busy time of year for most of us!

Slowing down seems to be the big unreachable goal, easily put off for another day, as the holidays end up being a huge grind to get through rather than a time to breathe deeply, savor the atmosphere of the moment, and be present to who and what is going on around us.

So how can we slow down enough this season to bask in the beauty it has to offer?

For me, it's the twinkling lights, the crackling of the fireplace, the holiday cookie candles, the classic Christmas music, choosing the perfect gift to wrapping it up and watching it be opened, drinking eggnog, or even feeling the first flurries of snow. I have used all of these symbols to ground me in the present moment. They have a way of slowing me down to savor the sounds, tastes, sights, feels, and smells of the season, reminding me of the anticipation of what's to come.

All of it creates a gentle atmosphere that whispers "Pay attention" that I have learned to listen to and live by through the holidays.

I hope and pray that if you are feeling hectic and rushed this season, that you are able to find your own symbols. Symbols that can help you remember to slow down and savor the season. Small things that will turn your attention from what needs to be done to who and what is important.

Something that triggers one of your senses that can help you hear the gentle nudge to pay attention.

Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

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