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Please Don't Judge

Please don't judge me for allowing my 2-year old to throw a temper tantrum right in the middle of the store. Please don't glare at me while I carry her out kicking and screaming to the car. What you see is not the whole story. You see, yes she is 2, but she has also had a whole lot of things going on around her that you don't know about.

You see the kicking and screaming, but what you don't know is that we just moved across the country a week ago. She has also been getting over a bad cold and hasn't been sleeping very well the last few nights, and her dad has been out of town this week. What you see is not the whole story. You see a 2-year old kicking and screaming, yelling and bawling, ruining your trip to the grocery store. You see a horrible mom allowing her child to act out THAT way.

What I know is that my beautiful daughter is tired and hurting and doesn't have the ability to express how she's feeling in an adult way. What I also know is that I love my daughter very very much. So, please have some grace today and stop glaring and judging, pointing and shaking your head. Say a little prayer for me, for I really am trying to do my best. 

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