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Pain: A Poem

What beauty is there to be found in pain?

Pain, the innocuous pest overwhelming and defeating the strongest of persons.

Can anything commendable be found in its abrupt intrusion?

Can good be found in its repeated impositions?

Pain has a way of compelling one toward the complex task inward

…a pilgrimage not all would like to embark on.

Pain has a way of ravishing the most assiduous

…slowing down to pause anyone within its command.

Pain has a way of exposing what is indispensable

…revealing what is most important.

Is there any beauty to be found in the presence of pain?

If pain compels forward,

If pain slows down,

If pain exposes and reveals,

…then yes,

I believe beauty, good, and commendable can be found within the clutches of pain.

However, this doesn’t mean I like it.

Photo credit: Diego PH from Unsplash

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