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One of Those Moms

(Photo credit: Arawan Sutanto from Unsplash)

I used to have a blog called "One of Those Moms," where I told stories about the every-day struggles of a mom. As I was looking through that old blog, I decided this is a story I must keep. Oh the memories! Oh how I remember! May I have grace for moms who are in the thick of diapers, toddlers, and tantrums!

Moms, if you are in the thick of it, know that I have said a prayer for each and every one of you who read this...that you would know that you are doing a great job and you are not alone.

This morning I woke up extra tired. I'm not sure why, maybe it was my 7-month-old waking up at 3 am, or because I stayed up past 10 pm, or one can always blame the hormones, right? After sending the older two kids off to school and my husband off to work, I quickly got ready for the day. I decided that yes, I was going to brave Walmart with the two babies. Oh yeah.

On my way to Walmart, I realized that I left the list with the specific seeds my husband and I had decided we were going to plant this fall in our vegetable garden, at home. Oh well, both babies are in the car, we're half-way there, I'll just wing it. Haha!

We get to Walmart and I next realize that, oh boy, I have both babies. My 2-year-old (Kaitlyn) is way too young and crazy to walk next to me in the store, how am I going to do this? I don't have my baby carrier. Oh moms we improvise, right? Sometimes it works...other times it sure as hell doesn't. Well, today was one of those mornings where it sure as hell didn't. I strapped Liam in the seat of the cart and sat Kaitlyn down in the basket of the cart and began our trek into Wally-world. Of course, Kaitlyn didn't want to sit for long. Nothing worked! Not even with me threatening to count to 3, trying to distract her with the awesome iPhone games, or trying to bribe her with a surprise. So, of course, I let her get out and walk.

Next thing I know, she's grabbing the hydrogen peroxide bottle off the shelf and putting it in the cart. As I'm putting that away, she's grabbing bandaids and rubbing alcohol to place in the cart. Next thing I know she's taking off down the aisle. By this time, we've only been in Walmart for about 10 minutes. I have absolutely nothing from my list in the cart. It is NOT looking like it's going to be a very productive or long trip.

Of course, Walmart doesn't have any of the seeds I need. Yes, I will be the first to admit, my husband was correct when he told me I should try Lowes first. It isn't the first time, and no, it won't be the last. When will I ever learn?

I spend the rest of my hectic trip in Walmart with Kaitlyn halfway out of the cart screaming and crying that she wants to get out, no she wants to get in, wait no...she wants to get out. I do manage to get the formula and the bag of grated cheese (yes, that is a god-send!) before making it to the checkout line and finally in the car.

Unfortunately, I did get some glares, stares, and disapproving head shakes. What is up with old people and their ways of forgetting what it was like to have little ones running around? And seriously! What is UP with the young people who have NEVER had kids and their glares and stares? Wooowy! Are they in for a treat when they begin their own journey through parenthood! Fortunately, I have gotten to the point in my short journey through motherhood where I just don't care anymore what other people think of how my kids behave. They may think I'm a terrible mom for allowing my child to run wild in the store, but I know without a doubt that they must have forgotten their "weak" moments as a parent. And to you who don't have kids yet...just you wait!

After getting in the car I decide (like any other insane mother after a crazy shopping trip), that hey! Kaitlyn is doing better, let's run by Starbucks and get her some more sugar (and of course me a pumpkin spiced latte) and try going to Lowes! Hehehe. Sometimes I think God just stands up in heaven and shakes his head laughing at us.

We get to Lowes and I have a brilliant idea! I'm going to put both kids in the stroller this time! Yes! They will both be strapped in and all will be GREAT! Well, they were ok while in the store. It wasn't until we got to the car when all hell broke loose. Kaitlyn really wanted to unlock the car, but couldn't figure out how to put the key in the key-hole. She starts screaming and yelling again as I take the keys away and open the car. While I'm putting the now crying Liam in the car Kaitlyn takes off down across the parking lot toward the entrance to Lowes. I'm sure I was quite the sight chasing my 2-year-old down the parking lot! Oh well, I don't care, right? :)

We did make it home safely. I did manage to get most of the seeds we needed, but most importantly, we survived. I am "one of those moms" and yes, I love my kids.

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