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Looking for the Smiles and Winks

It's week five of quarantine. The rain has let up and it finally got into the low 70s this week (I know, I'm a super wimpy Southern California girl). It's amazing the difference the sunshine can have on my mood and clarity of mind.

Today was good. We had the kids clean up the side of the house and none of them complained. I had a margarita at 12:30 and I didn't feel guilty about it. I'm now sitting outside with a glass of red wine and I feel relaxed and at peace.

Sunshine after days and days of rain is like a smile from God during this time of isolation and uncertainty. I'm finding that as I look for those smiles or winks from God, I'm able to remember He is present and with me and loves me no matter what I'm feeling, what I've done, what I've said, or what I haven't done or said.

What are some ways God has smiled or winked at you these last few weeks? I'm finding that when I'm paying attention, those smiles and winks tend to show up in the ordinary, day to day grind.

May we remember to look for the smiles and winks God has for us as we go about our days of quarantine and isolation. As you learn to pay attention, may those smiles and winks assure you of His constant and peaceful presence no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

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