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Just Good Enough

It's been an odd last half of the semester with classes moving from on-site to weekly Zoom meetings. I've found myself fighting between lazy procrastination and last-minute stress-filled hurry to get my assignments submitted to my professors on time.

There really should be no excuses for this final paper to be in the "just good enough" pile, as I've had weeks to get it done. But this semester is different as I've had to figure out how to navigate the sudden life-altering experience quarantine has forced most of the world into...and I'm having to re-learn that sometimes "just good enough" is necessary.

Through these "just good enough" moments, I've learned to have more grace for myself. And even though each time is different, it seems to be a lesson that continues to come back around over and over and over again.

I realize I can be really hard on myself, so learning to have grace for me is one of the unique places where I need to continue to grow. It is in these moments that love breaks through and I am reminded of the depth of God's love for me.

For it is when I am swimming in His ocean of love that I can finally settle in to pay attention and hear Him whisper to me ever so gently, "I am so proud of you."

Oh, how I need to hear those words!

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