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Hope for This Advent Season

In talking about prayer, Dallas Willard says:

A major element in this training is experience in waiting for God to move, not leaping ahead and taking things into our own hands. Out of this waiting experience there comes a form of character that is priceless before God, a character that can be empowered to do as one chooses.

I found this quote quite fitting since Advent is the season of waiting.

Waiting in the darkness.

Waiting in the tumultuous moments of our everyday.

Waiting in hope that something is going to change.

Something is coming.


It is important to note that Advent is the season of hopeful waiting.

Hopeful in knowing Christ the King will be born.

Hopeful in expecting that everything is going to change for the better.

Hopeful in anticipating that the world will never be the same.

Hopeful that in spite of all the chaos, God remains on the throne forever and ever.

So, how can we pray as we wait in the darkness of this Advent season?

How can our character be formed into something that is priceless before God and empowered to do what He would like us to do?

How can we wait in expectation, knowing God is on the move, working in the darkest corners to restore His creation back to its original intended beautiful purpose?

Can we believe that He is good?

Can we continue to pray that His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

Can we continue to wait in the darkness of this Advent season trusting that hope is around the corner and Christ the King is already on the move?

Lord, in this long season of waiting, help us to wait in hope and expectation.

Lord, in this tumultuous time of sorrow, draw us into Your loving arms.

Lord, in these moments of divisiveness, hatred, and anxiety, grow our character and shape our hearts so that others will experience the love, peace, and hope You bring through Your Son, Jesus the King.

*Photo Credit: Tim Umphreys from Unsplash

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