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Holy Moments and Giggles

"Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Reagan. Help her to sleep well tonight. Give her good, yummy, and funny dreams. I pray that this week would be a good week for her and that she would be able to beat me... just Rummy and that I would finally be able to beat her in Rummikub."

As I opened my eyes during the last few words of the prayer last night I saw Reagan make the silliest face and both she and her sister burst into giggles. After laughing together for a while, a thought struck me and I asked,

"Do you think God is giggling along with us?"

My girls stopped their giggling and together said, "Yes."

We thought about the concept of God laughing along with us. As I mulled over the words to that silly prayer and the thought of God giggling along with us, I realized the holy moment we were experiencing. If God is constantly present with us, He is not only present in the good, ordinary, and hard, He is also present with us in the silly, giggly, and gut-filled laughing moments. It was almost as though we could feel Him laughing along with us.

What a beautiful experience it was. A holy moment. I am so grateful for that experience with my daughters.

I pray you would have occasions throughout this week where you are able to sense the Lord giggling along with you and realize the holiness of those moments.

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