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Culture of Busyness

Why is it that we feel we have to settle for a life full of “that is just the way it is” or “it is what it is”? It’s like we use these two phrases to rationalize our inability to see past how busy and hurried we make ourselves.

Whether we’re running around trying to get the kids to all of the activities we have signed them up for, working our butts off to climb the corporate ladder, or filling every second of the day with things we think we absolutely have to get done otherwise the world is going to stop turning, we live like we are the Energizer Bunny, resigned ourselves to years of busyness and hurry just so that someday way down the road we can have some hope of rest.

Rather than living our lives resigned to what our culture says is normal and not seeing a way out, I want to encourage you to begin to think outside of the box. What does your normal day look like? Are there some things you really don’t have to do that you have in your “must get done” category? Take a deep breath, slow down, be purposeful in your actions.

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