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Community: Introducing A New Series

I am more grateful than ever to have the women who were willing to participate write for the Soul Shaping series over the last few months. It ended up being quite the special series!

Now that the series and semester have wrapped up,

I wanted to share with you that I will be starting a new series on community.

With this new series, I want to break through the individualism that permeates our Western Evangelical culture and hear personal stories of how God has worked through community to form and shape His people. We will be hearing stories written by various contributing writers who will be answering the questions:

What happened in your life that taught you the essentiality of community to your spiritual formation?


How has your search for community impacted your life?

Some of these stories are raw and painful. May we hold them gently, and realize that there are stories where community has played a negative role in the spiritual formation of some. I believe these painful stories need to be told along with the happy ones, as I believe we are always being formed, both positively or negatively.

This series will begin on June 1st and up until then, we will be exploring how God has created us for community. I'm excited about this series, as it is something my heart has been searching for for years!

As I researched this topic and wrote about it for my capstone project for my Master's Degree, I realized how much individualism has distorted our spiritual formation. Through my research, it was impressed upon me that we cannot have a holistic spiritual formation without community!

Now, after all my research, I have the privilege of sharing with you what I have learned and discovered and hopefully, as we look through the doctrine of the Trinity, Paul's teaching, and modern-day individualism, you will be encouraged to explore the ways God has uniquely knitted all of us together to be a part of the grander community of God.

-A bit of a disclaimer here: I have chosen three sections of my Capstone paper to share with you as the blog posts, thus, these next three weeks, you will get to hear me "speaking" in my more academic voice.

*Photo credit goes to Shane Rounce from Unsplash*

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