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Choosing Joy

I could hear him walking up the stairs, big heaving breaths giving his nearing presence away. He gently knocked on my bedroom door as his big sobs began to break through and reveal his sadness.

It was his birthday morning and 15 minutes later, the at home test revealed what we already suspected. Our poor Liam was positive for Covid on his birthday.


What do we do about them?

All throughout his birthday, even though he wasn't feeling well, my son taught me an important lesson. I can choose to dwell in the disappointments or find something to be grateful for.

Sometimes I want to sit in the pain.

I want to feel down, sad, and bummed out. These are the times I find it hardest to pull myself out of the hole I've made myself and find something, anything really, to be thankful for.

So, today I'm forcing myself out of my bed of disappointments.

I'm going to find the beauty, laughter, and goodness that is right in front of me.

Joy is a choice.

Today I choose joy.

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