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A Prayer for Us

(Photo Credit: Swapnll Dwivedi from Unsplash)

Dear Lord,

Whatever we are experiencing:

If it be loneliness, may we feel your enduring presence.

If it be darkness, may we see the speckles of your light shining through.

If it be sorrow, may we be comforted in knowing you are here in the midst of our sorrow.

If it be doubt, may we be assured of your unwavering wisdom.

Whatever we are feeling:

If it be sickness, may we surrender to your healing grace.

If it be a lack of motivation, may you inject into us your supernatural energy.

If it be frustration, may we be enveloped in the calm you bring.

If it be irritation, may we experience the peace you deliver.

If it be anxiety, may we know that you are steady.

If it be fear, may we see that you are trustworthy.

Whatever we are believing:

If it be that we are insignificant, may we believe you call us important.

If it be that we don't matter, may we believe you see us as your beloved.

If it be that we are unloveable, may we believe we are cherished by you.

If it be that we are not enough, may we believe that you see us a precious.

Lord, you know and understand that we all have our own unique struggles and lies we believe about ourselves. May the truth of who you say we are, seep into our lives, water our parched souls, and heal our deepest wounds so that we may begin to believe we truly have been fearfully and wonderfully made in your image.


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