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A Lesson From An Anthurium Plant

About a year ago, my daughter asked me to buy her an anthurium plant at the garden store. We brought it home, repotted it, and placed it upstairs on a bookshelf. Over time, the waxy bright red flowers on it fell off and were replaced by dull, ugly brownish flowers.

I saw that my neighbor had the same plant, but her plant still had beautiful red flowers. So I asked her how she kept them from turning brown, and she winked at me and chuckled, “All you have to do is just throw them out and buy a new one each time the flowers turn brown.”

I went home, not ready to give up on this plant, did a little research, and found out that maybe it just wasn’t getting enough sun.

To test this hypothesis, I moved the plant to my kitchen sink window.

Every day for the next few months, I’d water the plant when it became dry and

I’d watch it and talk to it when I washed the dishes.

Then one day, I noticed something long and red coming out of the tip of one of the stems. Over the next few days, I saw this long red tube unfold into a beautiful waxy red blossom.

Then it clicked.


Sometimes we’re in a place where growth is happening, but we’re not blooming to our full potential.

Maybe we feel stuck.

Things may be dull.

Maybe we’re bored.

Or maybe we find ourselves just going through the motions as the humdrum of our lives passes us by.

So what do we do?

Some of us find comfort in the humdrum, and maybe comfort is exactly what we need this season, which is perfectly ok. So remember to have grace for yourself in this time of found comfort.

Some of us may decide to keep going through the motions in hopes that things will eventually change. If you are in this place, remember, hope is a vital energy source we could all use a little more of.

Others of us may decide that some drastic changes are needed. Drastic changes can be good and very much needed at times. In this time of drastic changes, remember to find your breath and pay attention to what your body may be telling you. Do you need to slow down? Do you need rest? Are you having fun?

And then some of us, much like the anthurium plant, need only to make some small, simple changes to feel a fresh breath of life refresh us.

May you find new life

May you find hope

May you find excitement and joy wherever you are this New Year.

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