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A Controversial Calling

Today I read something that disturbed me to my core. I tried to ignore it, but I think I need to share it because it is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I first assumed the person who posted the post was trying to be "funny." But after I started reading the comments they were receiving and responding to, I realized they sincerely believed what they had posted. The post in question had a picture of Pam and Jim from the show "The Office" holding up a sign that said,

"If your pastor is a woman, she is not a real pastor."

Comments came from all perspectives. To those who disagreed, the poster kept sharing the same three verses to back up their opinion that women should not be pastors. Then some agreed with a whole-hearted AMEN, bashing women pastors using sexist and extremely perverse language!

Given how women leaders have historically been suppressed by the church, this shouldn't surprise me. There are many churches today who continue to pull out verses from the Bible to prove their point that only men should be allowed to be pastors.

This topic has been so contentious that stories of churches have surfaced where there have been church splits over this issue, women have been secretly ordained to avoid conflict, and churches have changed titles of women on staff to "pastor" while refusing them ordination and stating that while the titles of the women have been changed, they still believe only men can be elders and head pastors.

I'm getting the feeling that the path I am being led down will be met with some criticism.

I'm also being reminded that obedience to the Lord's calling in my own life does not mean it will be approved by everyone around me.

I would rather live to my fullest potential of who God created me to be than to hold back and live in fear of those gifts just because there are still some within the church who believe that God limits those gifts to men. I will not put myself in that box, nor will I put God in that box.

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