Hello Friend! 


I am so glad you are here! My name is Jennie, and I help people figure out how to live a life that makes sense to them in a world that doesn't. 

I do this by listening to stories and asking questions. 


I also do this by writing about the journey I am on and my own struggle to arrange and re-arrange my life and my family's life around the things we deeply care about. 

Some of these re-arranging decisions have included the time we chose to live in an intentional community.

Some of these re-arranging decisions have included the time we decided to take our four children on a two-year journey of nomadic living all over Europe, the UK, and India.

Other, more minor, re-arranging decisions have included:

  • Deciding to eat dinner around the dinner table together.

  • Reaching out and getting to know our neighbors.

  • Scheduling weekly date nights for my husband and me.


My hope is that as you read through my website and the blog posts that have been shared, the stories, practices, and lessons you read will help you to know you are not alone in your search for living a life that makes sense to you in a world that doesn't. 

I also hope that you can find that there are things we can do to re-arrange our lives around the things that matter to us.

Lastly, I hope that you are able to find this to be an authentic community of like-minded people who are in search of a way to live their lives in a way that makes sense in a world that doesn't.

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I look forward to walking this journey with you!

Grace and Peace,

Jennie Denney